If you have a passion for classic literature, we’ve got a treat for you. Here are ten extraordinary audiobooks, offering a new way to enjoy timeless classics. Each one is narrated beautifully, providing an engaging experience you’ll never forget.

1. “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift, narrated by David Hyde Pierce

Journey through strange lands with Gulliver, as David Hyde Pierce’s animated narration breathes life into Swift’s satire. With humor and cleverness, this audiobook offers endless entertainment and an adventure like no other. As Gulliver explores worlds of giants, tiny people, and talking horses, listeners will marvel at the creativity and insight into human nature. Perfect for both adults and children, it’s a fantastical voyage that delights and educates.

2. “The Importance of Being Earnest” – Oscar Wilde, narrated by Simon Prebble

Simon Prebble masterfully conveys Wilde’s razor-sharp wit in this timeless play. With its intriguing plot and engaging characters, it’s a listening experience filled with laughter and charm. The characters’ clever deceptions and mistaken identities create endless humor and intrigue. Wilde’s critique of social customs is as relevant today as it was in his time, making this a timeless listening experience.

3. “The Jungle Book” – Rudyard Kipling, narrated by Ralph Cosham

Experience the magic of the Indian jungle through Ralph Cosham’s captivating voice. Meet beloved characters and enjoy the lush imagery in this unforgettable audiobook. From the wisdom of Bagheera the panther to the jolly bear Baloo, the characters come to life in rich detail. A tale that captures the heart and soul of nature, it’s a must for animal lovers and adventurers alike.

4. “The Kite Runner” – Khaled Hosseini, narrated by Khaled Hosseini

Join Hosseini himself as he narrates this gripping story of friendship and redemption. Experience the emotions and cultural richness firsthand through his authentic voice. The portrayal of Afghanistan’s turbulent history intertwines with a personal story of guilt and atonement. It’s a heart-wrenching and beautiful story that transcends borders and cultures.

5. “The Metamorphosis” – Franz Kafka, narrated by Ralph Cosham

Enter Kafka’s surreal world through Ralph Cosham’s haunting narration. This classic tale of transformation and existential crisis is even more compelling in audio form. Gregor Samsa’s metamorphosis into a grotesque insect serves as a metaphor for isolation and alienation. This timeless tale resonates with anyone who has felt out of place or misunderstood.

6. “Paradise Lost” – John Milton, narrated by Simon Vance

Simon Vance’s narration is a tour-de-force, making Milton’s epic poem accessible and engaging. Dive into the mythic battle between good and evil in this enduring classic. Its grand themes of redemption and human nature are artfully explored, as Satan’s tragic figure takes center stage. Milton’s rich language and deep philosophy come to life in this masterful reading.

7. “Robinson Crusoe” – Daniel Defoe, narrated by Simon Vance

Feel the thrill of survival with Vance’s gripping narration of Crusoe’s island adventure. Experience the challenges and triumphs as never before. Crusoe’s ingenuity, determination, and struggle with solitude offer timeless lessons about human resilience. It’s not only an adventure tale but also a profound exploration of self-reliance and civilization.

8. “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut, narrated by James Franco

James Franco’s lively reading brings freshness to Vonnegut’s iconic anti-war novel. This modern take on a classic offers an engaging and thought-provoking listen. With its non-linear narrative and satirical edge, the story offers a unique perspective on war and humanity. Vonnegut’s humor and insight make this a compelling listen for both seasoned fans and new readers alike.

9. “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner, narrated by Grover Gardner

Grover Gardner’s narration makes Faulkner’s complex story accessible and engaging. His Southern accent adds depth to this tale of life in the American South. Faulkner’s innovative narrative techniques provide a challenging but rewarding experience. The tragic decline of the Compson family serves as a metaphor for societal change and personal disillusionment.

10. “The Stranger” – Albert Camus, narrated by Jonathan Davis

With Davis’s cool and philosophical narration, Camus’s existential masterpiece comes alive. It’s a listening experience that makes you think and feel in new ways. The story’s protagonist, Meursault, confronts the absurdity of life, leading to a shocking and thought-provoking conclusion. Camus’s unique worldview and literary style make this a standout work in modern literature.


From philosophical inquiries to adventurous escapades, these classic literature audiobooks are a gateway to various aspects of human experience. With top-notch narration and engaging storytelling, they’re perfect for literary enthusiasts. You may listen to these audiobooks on various platforms like Audible, Google Play, and Apple Books. If you love exploring different cultures and eras, don’t miss our collection of Greek and Roman audiobooks as well. Start listening today, and let these classics transport you to other worlds!